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Compliance advice with a difference

The best time to get advice on your compliance obligations is before a regulator shows up at your door.  And

the best advice you can get is from someone who has familiarity not only with the details of the obligations

but from someone who knows how to fit them into your operational reality.  A memo may have great advice,

but it’s not an action plan.  Plus the cost of that advice should be proportionate to your risks and the costs of


That’s what you can expect from me. Whether you want to set up or tune up a compliance and ethics effort - I can provide advice, trustworthy tools and perspective. Coaching for your Compliance Officer  No one becomes an effective ethics and compliance officer overnight.  Many who get the role also wear other hats.  But what if she or he could pick up the phone and get timely, confidential advice from someone: with 14 years of experience operating compliance programs in various healthcare settings; recognized for practical, understandable, real-time counsel on what’s required and how to meet that requirement; and who already understands the background of your program and your compliance challenges Access to this kind of mentoring can be set up on a traditional hourly, monthly, or fixed fee basis.  Having served as an in-house counsel, I am aware of budgeting constraints and am happy to work with you on a rate structure that meets your needs and reflects your resources.