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“Effectiveness” Reviews

The federal standards for “effective” compliance programs require that what you put in place be periodically evaluated to see if it’s working.  That kind of evaluation can be done in-house - but there may be limits to how candid the results of the self-evaluation are.  Also, one thing that such a review should do is benchmark how your compliance and ethics effort stands up to those of other similar organizations and against the government’s expectations. That’s what I can do for you – provide candor and comparison.   If you haven’t looked at the Compliance Toolbox  wiki site yet, take a glance.  You’ll find links to resources I have found over the years that are free of charge on the Internet and that can support your compliance efforts.   My evaluation of your program won’t be free, but it will reflect all of those resources, others that I can’t link there and my years of experience operationalizing compliance and ethics in three different organizations.  I’ll also leave you with concrete suggestions on how to take your program to the next stage of its development.