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The Compliance Toolbox

It’s basically a collection, always growing, of material related to various compliance topics.  It is also an attempt to encourage collaboration in the Compliance and Ethics community.  And finally, it’s one of the ways I try to pay forward all the help I have received over the years. When I first became a Compliance Officer use of the Internet to distribute printed material was in its infancy.  Although some legal materials were available on subscription search services, many still needed to be hunted down in the library or traded between COs feverishly working, each in our own organizations, to stay “current”. Also, there was little “Guidance” from government or elsewhere about how to do compliance and ethics. All that’s changed now of course.  There are many sources - some free, some not - of regulatory materials and guidance. Whether you become a client of my practice or not, you are welcome to browse the Toolbox and use anything you find there that is of value to you.  You can also become a member and add to the collection.  Please consider sharing the site with others who might find the materials of use.
The Toolbox